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Summer 1 - Story Time




Which stories are special and why?

Assessment for this topic

  • Talk about some religious stories
  • I can talk about my favourite book and why it’s a special story to me
  • I can re-tell my favourite stories through role play etc.
  • I can re-tell a Bible story using role-play etc.
  • Recognise some religious vocabulary, e.g. about God 
  • I can talk about  the different Bibles in class and how they are different and similar 
  • I know that the Bible is divided into different books
  • Identify some of their own feelings in the stories they hear (Challenge)
  • I can talk about how some Bible stories make me feel (Challenge)
  • Identify a sacred text e.g. Bible, Qur’an
  • I can talk about how the Bible is a very special book for Christians. I know that is a holy book which helps Christians understand about God
  • Talk about what Jesus teaches about keeping promises and say why keeping promises is a good thing to do (Challenge)
  • I can talk about why Jesus told us why keeping promises is a good thing to do (Challenge)
  • Talk about what Jesus teaches about saying ‘thank you’, and why it is good to thank and be thanked
  • I can re-tell the story of the Ten Lepers and talk about why it’s good to say thank you

Keywords for this topic






Old testament     

New testament



Prophet Muhammad

Half-termly article for this topic

Yearbook articles

For the academic year 2022-2023, each child will be given a yearbook for their year group outlining the learning and information in each subject.