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Key Information

Promoting British Values

British Values Statement

At St Stephen’s we provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own culture and have a clear understanding and appreciation of a wide range of the cultural influences that have shaped modern Britain. We are a school for all. We recognise the multi-cultural, multi-faith nature of our community and of Britain. We understand the crucial role our school plays in promoting British Values. We promote the five fundamental British Values by:


  • Involving our pupils in democratic systems in the school e.g. School Council elections
  • Drawing attention to major political events taking place in Britain e.g. General Election, Party Leadership Elections
  • Teaching children about the British system of government
  • Encouraging the respect of public instructions and services in Britain

The Rule of Law

  • Implementing a clearly structured behaviour policy which all stakeholders understand and follow
  • Teaching children the value and reason behind the school rules and British law and that there are consequences if these are broken
  • Drawing on the expertise of our local PCSOs
  • Delivering assemblies with a focus on the law e.g. Road Safety Awareness and E-Safety Awareness
  • Implementing class and school awards and special recognition time

Individual Liberty

  • Giving pupils’ key roles and responsibilities in school such as lunchtime helpers and library monitors
  • Encouraging and providing opportunities within school for children to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. Educating and providing boundaries for children to make choices safely

Mutual Respect

  • Having a Relationship and Health Education curriculum that embodies the values of mutual respect through units of learning such as relationships and being a responsible citizen
  • Providing a range of sporting activities promoting an attitude of equality and mutual respect
  • Using reading buddies to promote mutual respect between pupils across different phases in school
  • Acknowledging publically the awards and achievements of the children gained from outside of school
  • Ensuring that pupils learn that their behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

  • Implementing an RE curriculum that provides a broad and balanced curriculum of a range of faiths, religions and cultures
  • Regularly celebrating festivals and celebrations of a range of faiths practiced in modern Britain
  • Encouraging members of different faiths and religions to share their knowledge to enhance learning and understanding within the classes and the school
  • Reinforcing themes within assemblies and discussions which involve prejudice, understanding and tolerance, supported by learning in RE, PSHCE and Circle time