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Spring 1 - Special Places




Which places are special and why?

Assessment for this topic

  • Talk about somewhere that is special to themselves, saying why
  • I can talk about what place makes me, happy, feel safe, and have fun….
  • I can question visitors about a special time in their life ( Holiday etc)
  • I can describe using pictures why some places are special
  • Recognise that some religious people have places which have special meaning for them  (Challenge)
  • I can talk about why the church is a special place (Challenge)
  • Talk about the things that are special and valued in a place of worship
  • I can talk about why  temples, mosques or synagogues are special places
  • Identify some significant features of sacred places
  • I can describe how some of the special features that can be found in places of worship
  • Recognise a place of worship
  •  I can use photos to match certain features to the correct place of worship
  • Get to know and use appropriate words to talk about their thoughts and feelings when visiting a church (Challenge)
  • I can think of some questions to ask before I visit the local church/ other place of worship (Challenge)
  • I can talk about how the visit to a special place makes me feel (Challenge)
  • Express a personal response to the natural world
  • I can reflect on about how special our world is and how we need to care for it

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Half-termly article for this topic

Yearbook articles

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