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Key Information

Behaviour at St Stephen's

This behaviours policy covers all aspects of pupils’ conduct, interactions, learning, and wellbeing. This document has taken into account research, historical best practice, and our underlying principles as a Church of England Primary school.

Principles of our behavioural approach

Our Behaviours Policy is centred around all staff having unconditional positive regard for all our pupils. This means all staff have a basic acceptance of, and respect for, all pupils, regardless of what they say or do, which permeates our interactions with them and discussions about them. This mirrors our belief in God’s unconditional love for all.  

Our school motto, ‘Nurture, Grow, Flourish’ is present throughout our approach to behaviour within school. 

Our primary concern is the safety, wellbeing and education of all pupils; actions taken in cases of inappropriate behaviour are with the intention of upholding their wellbeing and academic progress, as well as fulfilling our safeguarding responsibilities.

We will create a calm and orderly environment to enable pupils to learn effectively.