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Year 3 Poetry

Each year group allocates one week per term to focus on a particular type of poetry.  Children spend time during the week reading, discussing, reviewing, and creating poems in the given style that they are learning.  Poetry types have been allocated to year 3 as follows:

Click on them to find out more about the poem.

Narrative with Rhyme

Scared by Michael Rosen

The Listeners by Walter de la Mer

The Sound Collector by Roger McGough

Question & Answer poems

Registration by Allan Ahlberg

Cool School by Michael Rosen

What is Pink by Christina Rossetti

Haiku & Tankas


Seaview Haiku by John Foster

Windy Day by John Foster

Haiky Riddle by Celia Warren



Silver Aeroplane by John Foster

The Penny Black by John Foster

Two Tanka Riddles by Marian Swinger

Performance Poetry

Life doesn’t frighten me at all by Mya Angelou

The Sound Collector by Roger McGough

Twenty Four Hours by Charles Causley

Instructions for Giants by John Rice

For performance, year 3 will learn these poems. Click on these to find out more about these poems.

Autumn 1 On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan
Autumn 2 The Crocodile by Robert Louis Stevenson
Spring 1 The Adventure of Isabel Ogden Nash
Spring 2 Nature Trail by Benjamin Zephaniah
Summer 1 The Book by Michael Rosen
Summer 2 Leap like a Leopard by John Foster