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National Online Safety


Lessons Learning Objective (I can)

Self-image and Identity  

I can explain how people can represent themselves in different ways online. 


Online Relationships and Online Bullying  

I can explain what it means to ‘know someone’ online and why this might be different from knowing someone offline. 


Online Reputation 

I can give examples of what anyone may or may not be willing to share about themselves online. I can explain the need to be careful before sharing. 


Managing Online Information  

I can explain the difference between a belief, an opinion and a fact and give examples of how and when they might be shared online. 


Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle  

I can explain why some online activities have age restrictions, why it is important to follow them, and know who I can talk to if others pressure me to watch or do something online that makes me feel uncomfortable. 


Copyright and Ownership  

I can explain why copying someone else’s work from the Internet without permission isn’t fair and can explain what problems this might cause.