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National Online Safety


Lesson Learning Objective (I can)

Self-image and Identity  

I can explain how identity online can be copied/modified or altered. 


Online Relationships and Online Bullying  

I can explain that there are some people I can communicate with online who may want to do me or my friends harm, and I can recognise that this is not my fault. 


Online Reputation 

I can describe ways that information about anyone can be used by others to make judgements about an individual and why these might be incorrect. 


Managing Online Information  

I can identify ways the Internet can draw us to information for different agendas, e.g. website notifications, pop-ups, targeted ads. 


Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle  

I can explain how and why some apps and games may request or take payment for additional content and explain the importance of seeking permission from a trusted adult before purchasing. 


Copyright and Ownership  

I can give examples of content that is permitted to be reused and know how this content can be found online.