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Spring 2 - Salvation





Why Does Easter matter to Christians?

Assessment for this topic

  • Recognise that God, Incarnation, Gospel and Salvation are part of the ‘Big Story’ of the Bible (A1)
  • I can talk about why Easter is important to Christians
  • I know that Easter is a festival that occurs in spring to remember a very important part of the Bible
  • I know that Christians believe that Jesus is God come to Earth
  • Tell stories of Holy Week and Easter and make a link with the idea of Salvation (Jesus rescuing people) (A1)
  • I can act out the important parts of the Easter story and reflect on each part of the story
  • The entry into Jerusalem
  • Jesus’ betrayal
  • Jesus’ crucifixion
  • The empty tomb
  • Jesus’ appearance to his friends
  • Cleansing of the Temple
  • Last Supper
  • Jesus’ trial
  • Give at least three examples of how Christians show their beliefs about Jesus as Saviour in church worship  (B1-2) (Challenge)
  • I can give at least three examples of how Christians show their beliefs about Jesus as Saviour in church worship  (Challenge)
  • Think, talk and ask questions about whether the text has something to say to them (for example, about whether forgiveness is important), exploring different ideas (C1-3) (Challenge)
  • I know that the words on the cross show Christians that Jesus forgives and is forgiving
  • I can say how the Easter story speaks to me (Challenge)

Keywords for this topic






 Easter Story 








Good Friday




New Life


 Jesus’ Friends




Holy Week


Knowledge to be learnt in this topic

Children will know that:

  • Easter is very important in the ‘big story’ of the Bible. Jesus showed that he was willing to forgive all people, even for putting him on the cross
  • Christians believe Jesus builds a bridge between God and humans

Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead, giving people hope of a new life

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