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Autumn 1 - Our World







How should we care for the world and for others, and why does it matter?

Assessment for this topic

Making sense of belief:

  • Identify a story or text that says something about each person being unique and valuable (A1)
  • I know that the Christians and Jews believe that God values everyone
  • Give an example of a key belief some people find in one of these stories (e.g. that God loves all people) (A2)
  • I know that in Psalm 8, David praises God’s creation and how each person is special in it
  • Give a clear, simple account of what Genesis 1 tells Christians and Jews about the natural world. (A3)
  • I can give a simple account of Genesis 1.


Understanding the impact: 

  • Give an example of how people show that they care for others (e.g. by giving to charity), making a link to one of the stories (B1)
  • I know that some religions believe that serving others and supporting the poor are important parts of being a religious believer (Zakat – Islam: Tzedekah - Judaism
  • Give examples of how Christians and Jews can show care for the natural earth (B2)
  • I can talk about how the ‘Golden Rule’ (Matthew 7:12) can make life better for everyone
  • Say why Christians and Jews might look after the natural world. (B1-2) (Challenge)
  • I can talk about ways Christians and Jews  might treat the world

Making connections: 

  • Think, talk and ask questions about what difference believing in God makes to how people treat each other and the natural world (C1) (Challenge)
  • I can talk about ways Christians and Jews  might treat the world, making connections with the Genesis account (Challenge)
  • Give good reasons why everyone (religious and non-religious) should care for others and look after the natural world. (C2)
  • I can talk about how important it is for everyone to care for the world
  • Talk about what they have learned and how their ideas have changed. (C3) (Challenge)
  • I can express what I have learned and how my ideas have changed (Challenge)

Keywords for this topic




Natural world








Knowledge to be learnt in this topic

Pupils will know that:

  • The word God is a name
  • Christians believe God is the creator of the universe
  • Christians believe God made a wonderful world and so we should look after it

Half-termly article fo this unit

Yearbook articles

For the academic year 2022-2023, each child will be given a yearbook for their year group outlining the learning and information in each subject.