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National Online Safety


Lesson Learning Objective (I can)

Self-image and Identity  

I can identify and critically evaluate online content relating to gender, race, religion, disability, culture and other groups, and explain why it is important to challenge and reject inappropriate representations online. 


Online Relationships and Online Bullying  

I can explain that taking or sharing inappropriate images of someone even if they say it is OK make have an impact for the sharer and others; and who can help if someone is worried about this. 


Online Reputation 

I can explain the ways in which anyone can develop a positive online reputation. 


Managing Online Information  

I can explain how search engines work, and how the results are selected and ranked. 


Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle  

I can recognise features of persuasive design and how they are used to keep users engaged. 


Copyright and Ownership  

I can demonstrate the use of a search tool to find and access online content which can be reused by others.