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Structure of collective worship


Structure of all acts of Collective Worship:

Please follow the same structure for CW, on zoom, on recording, or in class. In order to include children more, please choose different children to place leaf on cross, and if class CW, to be the ‘leader’ in the prayers.

  1. Leaf bearer places leaf on cross
  2. Light candle
  3. Leader:          God is love, 

Response:      all the time.

Leader:          All the time,

Response:      God is love.

  1. Main content of CW, e.g. class activity/story/video/presentation/powerpoint/music/giving of certificates/etc
  2. School Prayer:

Leader:          May God the Father…

Response:      nurture us,

Leader:          may we grow to be…

Response:      more like Jesus

Leader:          and may we flourish

Response:      …through the spirit.

Together:       Amen/Ameen

  1. Blow out/turn off candle.