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YR 3 Computing - Connecting Computers

Autumn 1 Computing.

This term children in year 3 developed their understanding of digital devices, with an initial focus on inputs, processes and outputs.

Pupils grouped digital and non-digital devices and compared drawing digitally to real life painting. Children drew digital paintings of Haworth Moor which they compared to their art works created with artist Sian Hodson.

Next, we looked at how people we know have connections to us, then created our own personal network.

We then pretended to be a part of a computer network, where pupils were given the task of sending messages across the classroom without leaving their seats, - desktop computers can't move and neither could the children!  Not all the messages were delivered successfully.  We learnt how to improve out network by adding a new component called a 'network switch.'  A child was chosen to play this very important role, and we learnt that a network switch is like a delivery person that sends the information/message directly to where it needs to go, therefore children's messages were successfully delivered.

We know where the network switch is in the Digital Den and that our work is saved on a server and not on the actual computer that you created your work on.  We learnt that by having our work saved on the server, we can open it on any computer in school even in the Willow building, because all the computers are connected together on our school network using network cables and switches.