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An alphabet of horrible habits

A is for Albert who makes lots of noise.

B is for Bertha who bullies the boys.

C is for Cuthbert who teases the cat.

D is for Dilys whose singing is flat.

E is for Enid who's never on time.

F is for Freddy who's covered in slime.

G is for Gilbert who never says thanks.

H is for Hannah who plans to rob banks.

I is for Ivy who slams the front door.

J is for Jacob whose jokes are a bore.

K is for Kenneth who won't wash his face.

L is for Lucy who cheats in a race.

M is for Maurice who gobbles his food.

N is for Nora who runs about nude.

O is for Olive who treads on your toes.

P is for Percy who will pick his nose

Q is for Queenie who won't tell the truth.

R is for Rupert who's rather uncouth.

S is for Sibyl who bellows and bawls.

T is for Thomas who scribbles on walls.

U is for Una who fidgets too much.

V is for Victor who talks double Dutch.

W is for Wilma who won't wipe her feet.

X is for Xerxes who never is neat.

Y is for Yorick who's vain as can be.

And Z is for Zoe who doesn't love me.


This poem was written by Colin West

Colin lives in East Sussex, England

His website is

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