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YR 6 Computing - Communication & Collaboration

Year 6 Computing this term.

Year 6 started off this topic with looking at Internet Addresses. We looked at how we use the postal service to deliver letters using addresses and compared them to IP addresses (Internet Protocol) which computers use to identify each other.

Children looked at how images and webpages are sent across the WWW (World Wide Web.) Data is broken up into small packets. We learnt about the 2 main parts of a packet: the header and data payload. Children learnt how to build back up the packets of data using the information contained within the packet header.

Children learnt about protocols (rules) and communication. We discussed various methods of communication; from sign language, facial expressions to online methods of communicating such as video calling and email. We looked at which form of communication was suited to different tasks. For example if you wanted to share a piece of writing you created in school with other people, how could this be done? You could share in on the school's website.

We investigated which 8 methods of online communication, thinking what can be shared, to how many people and if someone can communicate back.