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YR 4 Computing - The Internet

This term in year 4, children have been learning about the Internet.

We started by the class splitting up into 5 networks (Morrison's, Matalan, hospital, office and school.) Each pupil within the network groups had a message to send to a different network. Children had to send their messages along the network hoping that children would pass the message along and successfully deliver it to the right place. We soon learnt that our network system failed and that we needed to improve our system. We introduced a router. Routers connect networks together. A person from each network was a router, they became in charge of delivering and receiving all messages, which made the 5 networks run smoothly.

We have learnt that the Internet is a 'Network Of Networks.' We have investigated how networks are connected on land and under the sea. We were all surprised to learn how fast data is transported through fibre optic cables which are the width of a hair strand!

This video shows how a packet of data—is transferred across the world. Look deep beneath the surface of the most basic Internet transaction, and follow the packet as it flows from your fingertips, through circuits, wires, and cables, to a host server, and then back again, all in less than a second.

We watched a shorter version of a video in class.  This video on YouTube has some great information about how Internet cables are created and laid on the seabed.


We learnt what can and can't be shared on the World Wide Web (WWW) such as music files and digital images, but not actual physical objects like Miss Halliday's sandwich.

We talked about web browsers and features of web pages and labelled them.

Explored web addresses and domain names. We learnt how to create content and discussed how it can be shared. We also looked at content created by others and investigated who owns it and if it can be shared and used - looking at Creative Commons (CC.)

Finally, we investigated why we can't believe everything is true on the Internet.