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YR 2 Computing - Information Technology Around Us

This term, children in year 2 looked at information technology at school and beyond, in settings such as shops.

Children investigated how information technology improves our world, and how we should use information technology responsibly.

Children put these devices into groups based upon what the technology allows you to do.

Children described where IT is found, what it is used for, and how it operates.

Children looked at using IT appropriately, they wrote down their ideas and rules to use the device responsibly.

We then focussed on an IPad/tablet.  Children created their own poster on the computer with a safety rule. Children used a text box and imported a graphic.

Finally, children showed that they were able to follow our rules of how to use IT safely.  They were given the task of drawing a hedgehog on the computer (book linked with ‘Leaf Through A Good Book’) children were given an iPad/tablet, they then photographed their work, shared the iPad, held it with two hands and carried it appropriately.