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British Science Week Gadget Shop

British Science Week - Gadget Shop.

Next week is British Science Week, and to celebrate this at St. Stephen’s, we will be opening a ‘Science Gadget Shop’, for a limited time only.

The science gadget shop will be open in school time and each class in key stage 2 will get an opportunity to visit the shop next week. Children will get the chance to purchase a variety of science-related toys, gadgets and mini-experiments. The purpose of this shop is to engage children with science and feed their curiosity about how things and the world around us works.

The shop will have a variety of things available to purchase, from dinosaur puzzles, bouncing putty and growing eggs, to rainbow growing trees, gold panning kits and make your own bouncy ball kits.

The price of everything available at the science gadget shop ranges from £1 - £2.

If you and your child would like to purchase something from the science gadget shop next week, please ensure your child brings £1 or £2 from next Tuesday.