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A Tree For Every Child

Pupil's at St Stephen's are taking part in 'A Tree For Every Child'

Pupil's at St Stephen's are taking part in 'A Tree For Every Child', which is a partnership with Trees for Cities, Bradford Council and various delivery partners, including BEES.

The plan is to plant 55,000 native trees throughout the Bradford District in schools, involving pupils and also planting in recreation and community areas, again involving schools as well the local community and volunteers. 

The native trees will be of benefit to wildlife, increase biodiversity, provide screens, reduce the impact of pollution and provide attractive areas to improve the Bradford area. They can also be effective in reducing flooding and stabilising land.

Fruit bushes and trees will encourage people to enjoy and benefit from locally grown produce too.

Getting outside in the fresh air and doing a positive thing such as planting a tree can be good for people's well-being.


Years 3 and 5 have been planting beech trees and hornbeam trees, in the willow playground. These will replace the dead fir trees that were planted in 2019.


Year six planting Hazel trees and clematis along the bridle way. They also did some planting in Saplings playground.