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Farewell Mrs Waterhouse

Good bye Mrs Waterhouse – Deputy Headteacher

The St Stephen’s family say a huge thank you and farewell to Mrs Waterhouse, who will be taking early retirement this year. She has served the pupils, families and staff of our school for 15 years. I know that you, like us, will be sad to see her leave, but thankful for her huge smile and energy she shows every day. In her
15 years at St Stephen’s, Mrs Waterhouse has been a year 6 teacher, assistant head, deputy head and, for one year, acting headteacher. For all of these we are hugely thankful for her dedication and her care for every child. But Mrs Waterhouse is more than these important roles. Her commitment to serve our community, her consistency in always being available and her cheerful greetings at the start of every day sets all staff the standard that we aim to achieve. We will always be grateful for the residentials, her scary stories and leading by example in caving, even she was a bit scared. She leaves us proud of and knowing the impact she has made to 100s of children, some going to university, college and some becoming teachers themselves! We will all have fond memories of Mrs Waterhouse, and that will always be part of us and part of the history of St Stephen’s. She will enjoy her new life on the east coast, walking her dog, gardening and enjoying the great outdoors, but will always remain with us in spirit. We look forward to seeing her back for events at Stephen’s and wish her a long, healthy and well-deserved retirement. She will be greatly missed, thank you for everything, Mrs Waterhouse.