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School Council Meeting 9th November 2019

11 November 2019 (by David Calcraft (davidc))

Friday was the 4rd meeting of the school council Here is an update of our current projects

New football nets for year 3 playground (These have been fitted and look brilliant)
Review the current MUGA rota (This is ongoing, please speak to Muzammil or Leo about this.)
Do we need new Playground equipment? (Areez and Yahyaa have gathered information from all classes, Mr Calcraft to speak to Mr Urry. Mr Urry has agreed to purchase new equipment)
Could we look at a fairer way to use the ICT room? (Julia and Zara are writing a new rota. New proposed rota to be presented to SLT)
Is there a way to make the door from the hall to Cartwright Class sound proof? (Leo has written to Mr Urry explaining the situation.)
Willow Library needs looking after (Noori and Elija have tidied up the library and Logaun has made some posters.)
The School Councillors have been asked to think about how we use the green spaces in school. Especially the assault course in willow and under the big Elm tree in Sycamore playground. If you have any ideas about this please speak to them this week.