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Today Google came to talk to KS2 about online safety and being Internet Legends.
We talked about being smart, alert, kind, strong and brave.  
We looked at top tips like having strong passwords, signing out of accounts properly, not sharing personal information (name, age and address) and being kind online and thinking about what we're sharing.
Please look at our website for top tips, help and advice on Online Safety
Spanish Club's New Hit!
This time we have learnt the 'Las ruedas del autobús'! Can you guess the name of the song in English? Hope you like it!

50 Things to do, Geocaching

Appleton Class, were the latest class to visit Ogden Water. We were fortunate to have a clear sky and no wind. During the walk we found some interesting footprints and tried out geocaching. We managed to find a massive cache filled with goodies. Looking forward to next week when Cartwright and Priestley have their turn.

Weavers Story Teller

The morning Nursery enjoyed their Story Teller Visitor. They listened to a story and sang Nursery Rhymes. Thank you to all the parents who came and joined in.

 Deers, Giants and Muddy Puddles

This week's 50 things to do, took year 3 and 5 back to Ogden Reservoir. We were lucky enough to see a herd of deer running through the forest. Mr Calcraft told a story about the Giant's Tooth, that we found at the top of the hill. On the way down year 5 thought it would be fun to jump in every puddle that they could find. Fantastic teamwork was displayed by all pupils and they were a credit to St Stephen's.

Stop Littering

Children took part in picking up litter around the BD5 area.  Each class went out in force with bags and litter pickers to clean up the mess.

Please read the article on T&A's website or buy the newspaper.

50 things to do before you're 11

Children from Sycamore building have been out and about in Ogden. As part of the 50 things to do before you're 11 , they have climbed a huge hill, walked 5 km, investigated a forest, observed wild animals and enjoyed being outside. We all had a fantastic time. The views from the top of the hill were fantastic and we can not wait to go back again with the rest of the School.

For more information about Ogden water and maps of the area visit .

Forest School 12/12/19

Thursday was the penultimate Forest school of the term. The rain had made the ground very wet but excellent for jumping in. After a lot of splashing The boys decided to collect holly and laurel to make a Christmas wreath, which they presented to Mr Urry later on that day.

Forest School 21/11/2019

Thursday we went back to Judy woods and followed a secret trail, this lead us to an enchanted area where the the "Troll of Judy Woods" lives. We decorated a tree stump for the Troll and left some food. Later on we collected some holly and a rather strange looking plant (we will investigate this later) 

Forest School 05/12/19

Today we played  "Pooh Sticks" this involved racing sticks down the river to see which one passed the bridge first. After that we discovered 2 new trees: Elder and Ash. The boys then collected different stones that they found on the Journey. 

Follow this link for more information about Ash trees.

Forest School 14/11/2019

Children from Sycamore went to Judy Woods on Thursday. We learned about the different trees in the woods, the seasons and how they affect the trees. We also played in the water and got muddy.

Forest School 28/11/19

Not even the rain could stop the fun. The forest is looking different this week, after the rain fall. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and the river is in full flood.. The troll seems to like his gifts and had eaten the food left for him the previous week.  We read about the history of Judy woods and took the scenic walk back to the bus.

Check out this link for more information.

Story time

On Friday Foundation Stage had a special visit from a storyteller. We joined in singing songs and enjoyed listening to a traditional story performed by the storyteller. 

Spanish Club

We have a new video for Spanish club... This time, singing a carol... English and Spanish!

Forest School 19/12/19

This week the children tried out Geocaching.

geocache or 'cache' is a small waterproof treasure box hidden outdoors. Geocachers seek out these hidden goodies guided by a GPS enabled device which uses coordinates, or 'waypoints' downloaded from the website or you can download a free geocaching app for Android or iPhone.

We had lots of fun, even though it was very muddy. We even found a special trackable cache. 


Have a great holiday and we will see you all next year.

 Little Movers Make Giant Strides. 

Weavers enjoyed their introduction to their new IEYC Topic Little Movers Make Giant Strides. They took part in activities under and on top of their tables.

‘Lost in Translation’

The European Day of Languages was first set up by the European Council in 2001. Now, it takes place every year on 26th September.

To celebrate that we live in a rich continent full of interesting languages, we have recreated a book called ‘Lost in Translation’ which is a compilation of words/phrases in different languages that don’t have a literal translation in any other language.

Hope you really like it!

Lullaby Story Year 2

Year 2 Forster have learnt the lullaby in their story by using action to help retell the story.

Nurture Group 17/10/19


This week the Nurture group has been helping out in Reception. Mrs Wilson asked if we could build a Mud Kitchen, we were only too pleased to help. The children read the instructions and learned to use new tools. At the end of the session we had created something really stunning.

Bike-ability 18/10/19


Today,s Bike-ability lesson took us to Halfords, where we bought tools and spare inner-tubes, to repair the remainder of the school bikes.  We also purchased some new helmets for the children in reception.

The highlight of the day was when one of the team members managed to ride their bike unaided for the first time.

Lego - Full Power
Children in year 6 had an awesome day learning about energy and electricity for their I.P.C topic Full Power! Children were asked to build their own Lego house, which was then used to form part of a street. Children then connected their houses up to electricity to power lights in their houses, street lights, cars and even trains in their Lego City!
A big thanks to Stephen from Creative Builder Workshops for delivering the sessions.

Bedtime Stories Competition Winners

These are our winners for the Bedtime Stories competition. The children in Year 5 had to create a new character for the new Shaun the Sheep film Farmageddon. Our winners were Subhan, Matej, Yousaf and Fatima. They will be entered into a draw against all the other BD5 schools and could win free tickets to see the film. We wish them luck.



Due to the bad weather today, bike-ability moved indoors.  Mrs Fisher ask if we would help build a mud kitchen. All the children worked extremely well together and we all thought the end result was amazing. 

Nurture Group 03/10/19

To celebrate a child in the group's birthday, the Nurture Group made birthday cup cakes and shared them with all the teachers. Afterwards we sang Happy Birthday. Everyone had a great time. Mrs O'Brien said they tasted lovely!


Mr Calcraft visited Weavers today, we built a tent and had loads of fun. We hope he comes back next week!

Spanish Club
Hola amigos! 
This half term we have been learning a song about a crocodile that goes to his cave. Children have been listening and singing to this song as well as learning colours and animals!
Hope you really like it. 
If you want your child to practice Spanish, here you have a list of songs Miss Molina have been using across the school to teach Spanish:

Taiko Drumming Workshop


Year 5 and 6 took part in an exhilarating Taiko Drumming workshop last week. It was a great stress reliever and very loud! Thanks to Bradford Music Service for providing this experience!


Children from year 5 and year 4 have been fixing and cleaning the school bikes. Over the next few weeks we will be learning how to fix punctures and how to ride safely.

McMillan coffee morning

To help raise money for McMillan coffee, children from Sycamore building have been baking cakes and buns. These will be sold to all the children, at St Stephens, for 50 pence each. 

Nurture Group

Children from Lister class have been very busy this week. With the help of a year 5 ambassador, they have been helping to tidy up the outdoor equipment store.  All the children worked together and manage to accomplish their tasks.  Now all the school can benefit from their hard work.