Coronavirus Diary

By Abu-Hurairah Rehman  


Hello whoever is reading this. Currently (at the time of writing) the whole world is going through a deadly pandemic, which is cruelly taking innocent lives. The Coronavirus is a deadly illness, which affects a person’s respiratory system. Everyday, cases are rapidly rising in number and conspiracy theorists are spreading false information. I have created this journal to emphasise the seriousness of current affairs, express my thoughts and feelings on the matter and to show that nations should be prepared for anything and everything.

Day 1:  21.3.20

Cases: 4,145.   Deaths: 233

Today, the first day of the Social-Distancing Act, has been a thought-provoking day. The alarming death toll has now risen to 233 and the number of heart-breaking cases has dramatically changed over the past 24 hours – to 4145 cases. I am beginning to grow uneasy about the current situation and I hope it ceases soon. Due to all of these mind-numbing events, and because we often welcome elderly visitors into our humble abode, I haven’t been able to attend my daily mosque classes and school. Being at home is really exciting (not really) and I might even faint (or die) from boredom. Every day, all of our family pray for 15 minutes so we can attain God’s blessing and to ask the Almighty for protection from all calamities. My great grandparents are generally out and about and are finding it hard to stay at home. Luckily, together with my dad’s help, my grandmother has been able to encourage them to stay at home. 

Time of sign off: 21.01

Day 2: 22.3.20

Cases: (I missed this today)         Deaths: 243 New deaths:10

Maybe being at home isn’t so tedious. I started off my day at 9am by watching my favourite TV show: Resurrection Ertugrul. Shortly after this, I ate an appetising breakfast consisting of toast, beans and egg. Whilst eating, I realised it was Mother’s Day and I pondered for a few minutes brainstorming gifts that I could get for my Mum- I ended up making her an exquisite breakfast. Now don’t judge me! After all, it wasn’t entirely my fault that I forgot and didn’t get her a proper present- someone should’ve reminded me! As a key worker, my dad is always busy at his pharmacy diagnosing people because of the uncertainty about the Coronavirus- the deadly disease has taken another 10 unfortunate people with it bringing the death toll up to 243. The thing that I don’t like about this new lifestyle is the fact that I’m not allowed to hug my baby brother. Before lunch, I went outside and had a kick around with my other brother. Obviously, I won. Now it’s food time, and I’m really hungry so I guess I will end today’s entry here. 

Time of sign off: 22.01

Day 3: 23.3.20                                                     

Cases: 6650.        Deaths: 335 New deaths: 54

Why is there a Lockdown you ask? Why are we having to stay at home? I guess the selfish people of London thought that. Now that school has shut, it’s time to create a tidal wave of people by going to parks. So now there’s a Lockdown, or as my Grandad said it, a Deadlock. They didn’t pay heed to Boris Johnson and were bunched up together like peas in a pod - so much for social distancing. At least before I could go for a relaxing drive, but now even that’s out of the question. We have now fashioned some kind of plan. Every day, we have to complete 2 pages of English work and 2 pages of maths work set by amazing teacher Mr. Thorpe, who also gave me the idea to write this diary.  Later on, we have an Islamic class from 4 to 5 o’clock. Shortly after, we all get to play outside till it’s time for our sumptuous evening meal.  Because of all this I remember to wash my hands for 20 seconds whilst singing ‘Happy Birthday to You’. Things have gone that far that I’ve even started wearing a face mask. I don’t know what is happening to the world. The Spaniards and the Italians are suffering the most. I hope that my diary will show the people of the future how deadly this phase of history was. I don’t even want to imagine what ‘fun’ I’m going to have at home - now for my favourite pass time - sleeping... 

Time of sign off: 21.58

Day 4: 24.3.20.                                                    

Cases: 7,250.       Deaths: 422 New deaths: 87

I think that the Lockdown will play a vital part in the containment of the beast. Spain is literally struggling with the amount of cases they have. I wish I hadn’t watched Sky News today; I was unfortunate enough to have seen a clip of Coronavirus patients screaming in pain on the floor of a hospital in Madrid.  Whilst all this is happening, trouble-makers are spreading false rumours and malicious lies. Basically conspiracy theorists. What they are doing is rubbing salt on to a wound. Today news reached my ears that there have been 422 deaths and 7250 active cases of Coronavirus. I didn’t look at the news for 1 day and the amount of cases has doubled. God protect me from this Pandemic. Things have to end well. The world is at risk. There could be a mass extinction if the world leaders don’t play their part. My trembling heart aches as I wonder about the problems of the world. Oh how I dream for a peaceful life. I am happy that I am at least allowed out of the house to play in the garden - that’s where I spent the majority of my day.  Speaking of my day, my Mum went out to buy some essentials and came home with loads of stuff like sandwiches and cakes and pastas. At home, I have already had some memorable times like when my grandad and grandma joined in with my brother doing exercise - now that was a sight to see. Now, when it comes to food I’m more of a hot meals person than a packed lunch person - so I wasn’t exactly on board with this whole sandwich lunch idea. Luckily, there was some rice in the fridge, which I ate with some chicken. Now I’m going to read a book (an e-book to be precise) before going to sleep, so - bye - I guess. 

Time of sign off: 21.40

Day 5: 25.3.20.                                                    

Cases: 8,077      Deaths: 465 New deaths: 43

Why is life always so dull? Why do bad things always seem to happen at the wrong times? I wish I had a machine that could answer all of my unanswered questions for me so I wouldn’t have to ponder for hours upon end wandering through a fruitless train of thoughts. As the years pass, the Earth’s situation is advancing closer towards the unsolvable. According to scientific estimations, it is said that two in every three people could possibly test positive for the Coronavirus. Now that is really worrying. Could it be true? Could my closest friends and family members’ bodies have the killing Coronavirus? Could I have it myself? All these disturbing uncertainties are nesting deep in my thoughts. I bet you one hundred pounds that this Virus has largely affected peoples’ mental health. Will people be able to stay indoors? Why do I have so many questions? If only you ( my diary ) could talk to me it would be like having a portable friend!
However, as a Muslim, I believe that life is as God wills and whatever God does for us it is all for the best.

Today was a pretty standard day really. I completed my morning/work routine and went to play outside. On turning on the TV that morning though, I found a shocking piece of news that the Prince of Wales had been plagued by the virus. How has this happened? How was the Virus created? I don’t know what to believe and what not to. Rumours are circulating that the virus was passed on from animal to human by the consumption of bats which have the virus.  Are bats immune from Corona or not?  Some questions have no answers and a vast range of my questions are to this day, left unanswered - I hope these questions will be answered...

Time of sign off:  22:05

Day 6: 26.3.20.                                                    

Cases: 9529  Deaths:(approximately)580 New deaths: 119

Now I love my family and all but I think that staying with them 24/7 is really hard. It’s barely been a full week and my devious brother has already wreaked havoc across the entire household. It’s either he’s getting on my nerves, or making my little sister cry. Right now, moving aside from my domestic issues, today has unveiled a plethora of news. The Chancellor (Rishi Sunak) today announced that self-employed people could be payed up to £2,500 a month - starting from June. Today, I am happy to say that I am British, because I found out that the United Kingdom has donated £213m towards the discovery of a vaccine against this devil. Also, today the event ‘Clap for our Carers’ took place to celebrate our amazing NHS ‘s sufferings and sacrifices for this country. What these brave doctors and nurses are undertaking is a blind battle. You don’t know the outcome of anything. It is an extremely risky job where you don’t know if you have the virus or not - I respect these people a lot. My mum’s calling me to come and help her with my little brother and I think I ought to go right now. See you...

Time of sign off: 21:36

Day 7: 27.3.20.                                                    

Cases: 14,759   Deaths: 759.  New deaths: 181

Boris Johnson, Britain’s eccentric Prime Minister, has today gravely announced that he also has tested positive for the Coronavirus. Currently, he is self-isolating himself within the compounds of 12 Downing Street. Have Rishi Sunak and other Parliament members, who likewise have had close-contact to Mr Johnson, also been affected? Will our Government become unstable, will Parliament be closed due to this terrible incident? When you’re comfortably sitting in your house (like me) you don’t know the seriousness of this matter. And if you try recreating the scene in your minds, you either see the horrors within or you carry on finding this whole affair a joke. Luckily, I was shown the right way and I know that this isn’t a joking matter. Even so, it sounds like he hasn’t been following his own rules along with Mat Hancock and the Chris Witty. My Grandma rang today bearing unfortunate news. In London, my Grandma’s uncle had passed away because of the illness. None of my family were allowed to go and mourn because it was possible he died from Covid-19 (another name for Coronavirus). And, on his death certificate, the doctors announced that he had died from the Coronavirus. Now that’s really upsetting.
The United States weren’t ready for this untimely ambush, because they underestimated its strength. Italy are having severe problems (they have more deaths than UK has cases) and are struggling to keep up with the new coming patients.  In a way, I am vulnerable because my dad is a pharmacist and he is coming into contact with ill patients every day. 
The weekly Jummah prayer has also been cancelled and that is really upsetting because we are no longer able to celebrate such a blessed day in the masjid. Will the Lockdown ever cease? Will we ever live a normal life again? Luckily, the locals in Mecca are now able to perform Tawaf (walking around the Kaaba seven times) again because for the last fortnight it has been deserted - something that has never occurred in all of the Kaaba’s 1400-year history. Another thing is, I have finally been able to access the school’s daily missions on the internet, and I will now complete the daily tasks here onwards. Now that’s a lot of news. Even though there is a Lockdown, my Arabic classes are still up and running and will take place on an online classroom from 12pm to 2pm on a Saturday and Sunday using a website known as Zoom. I count myself lucky that I am learning Touch Typing, because if I couldn’t, I would be sat here pecking (another way of saying looking for keys) for hours upon end. However, when you learn how to Touch Type, you can type up a 1-hour document in under 20 minutes - which I find extremely helpful. Because I have to be ready for my classes tomorrow, I’d better get to sleep...

Time of sign off: 20:40

Day 8: 28.3.20.                                                    

Cases:  17,089 Deaths: 1019.  New deaths: 260

Today, I uploaded a video on to YouTube regarding the Coronavirus. It gives basic information about where it started and what the current situation is. I haven’t seen the news today so I don’t really know the state that we’re in right now. However, I know for a fact that America currently have the most cases throughout the entire world. Not knowing what is happening is really scary; you don’t know what is ‘fake news’ and what is ‘real news’. That’s why I like to stay well informed about what is happening in our world - just like other family members. Some of my main questions are; how was the Coronavirus formed, why is it so deadly, why does it affect the elderly the most? Majority of You Tubers are taking this matter seriously. My favourite aviation vlogger is currently talking about these matters at home, instead of visiting numerous aircraft. I wish you a good night’s sleep. I’ll write again in the morning. 

Time of sign off: 21:49

Day 9: 29.3.20.                                                    

Cases: 19,522 Deaths: 1228.  New deaths: 209

I didn’t have Arabic Classes today because there weren’t enough people attending through video call. As part of my fight against Coronavirus, today (and yesterday) I uploaded videos containing basic facts about Covid-19 and another about how to correctly wash your hands – find me on YouTube! Right now, because I have all the time in the world, I am competing with my cousin to see who can get the most views. Rumours say that we may be in Lockdown until June, others say until next summer. Why do these malicious people want to create a panicked atmosphere? Why are they so uncaring? Can’t they see the impact they are having upon people’s mental health during these troubled times? Things are already at a high level of worry, with Prince Charles contracting the virus along with Boris Johnson and Mat Hancock. Something good that is occurring in a short while, is that millions of tests are being prepared for people across the nation. Right now, I’m wondering what I’d search for if I had questions about this many-headed monster. I think I might do daily updates about the Virus featuring some of the Planet’s worst affected countries. Or maybe how to prevent catching Coronavirus. Hmm, so many ideas. I think I will sleep on it and decide in the morning...

Time of sign off: 22:26

Day 10: 30.3.20.                                                  

Cases: 22,141 Deaths: 1,408.  New deaths: 180

Oh my God! I can’t believe that the cases have risen so dramatically - this shows you how long 24 hours actually is. So many things, so many theories, so, so stressful. First, there is 5G, a sea of rumours is circulating about 5G and this illness - adding to our worries, aches and pains. I have been so troubled by this cascade of news/gossip I forgot to upload a video concerning the issue. As a family, we played Monopoly together, which was a peculiar experience. Because we are vast in number (due to the fact we live with extended family), we teamed up. For my sumptuous evening meal, I had homemade kidney beans with chapatti, it was extremely spicy. Sunday marked the changing of the clocks, so for the first time in my life, I woke up at 10am.  How are people staying at home? Personally, I have had enough staying at home and I really want to switch to my usual routine. In the middle of all of this, there is light at the end of the tunnel - Prince Charles has recovered! Now, we can’t go having parties because there is still social distancing that prevents us from celebrating. My baby brother, Ibrahim Zaccaria, has started weening. Today he had baby food for the 1st time, and I don’t think he’s happy about it. Last night, I just could not fall asleep so I think I’d better try going to sleep.

Time of sign off: 22:30

Day 11: 31.3.20.                                                  

Cases: 25,150 Deaths: 1,789.  New deaths: 381

Today I uploaded my daily mission onto the school Facebook page, We were learning about MRS GREN. I spent roughly an hour working on my project and the final result looked much better than I anticipated. Since school had shut, I haven’t charged my keyboard (that I have written all these entries on) once - I’ve charged my iPad about 5 to 6 times! Spain’s sticky situation is heart breaking. Even though the cases are rising by the day, they have managed to keep the amount of doctors/nurses with the disease at a standstill, while Britain’s NHS workers are being infected, as well as senior Government leaders. I hope Boris Johnson recovers. Through all these difficult and hard times, he has reassured us and let us know that he is there to help. It gets boring at home and I have run out of ideas of things to do - it feels like life is on a stand still. Everyday feels the same and I only remember the date because I type these entries. Why has 2020 brought so many hardships upon us? One thing I have to say though is; after everything bad there is always some good, after pain comes relief - God willing. 

Time of sign off: 22:06

Day 12: 1.4.20.                                                    

Cases: 29,474  Deaths: 2352  New deaths: 583

So many pages for such a small amount of days - this just shows how much has happened in such a small space of time. Altogether, I have written 16 pages (not including today’s entry) and I am surprised I have so much to write - except that I’m typing this! Playing Ludo has now somehow become a daily routine along with the Daily Missions and mosque. The amount of deaths has reached 2352 in the last 24 hours - that is a rise of over 583! My baby brother Ibrahim, while all this is going on, remains totally unaware that the world is in the middle of a pandemic - well he only just got here.

Time of sign off: 19:45

Day 13: 2.4.20.                                                    

Cases: 33,718 Deaths: 2,921   New deaths: 569

I have ran out of things to write about. There is either too much happening, or nothing at all. Today was a pretty ordinary day - for a Lockdown. Today’s daily mission was quite easy. I had to write a prayer to God (Allah) to seek protection from the Coronavirus. As face masks are the new trend (because everyone is wearing them) I am 99% sure that big businesses, such as Louis Vuitton, will start making designer face masks - what a waste of money. I think that only spoilt kids would buy such rubbish, because either way a £1 face mask and a £100 face mask both have the same purpose. Because the NHS have been doing such a brilliant job, I joined the rest of the nation in applauding our front line heroes. I made a video on it, as well to show my support to the NHS. A trend that has been around since the beginning of time is sleep. And I’m trendy - so that’s what I’m gonna do. 

Time of sign off: 22:10

Day 14: 3.4.20.                                                    

Cases: 38,168 Deaths: 3,605   New deaths: 684

Why oh why are we still in Lockdown? Why hasn’t this come to a stop? Why are the cases rapidly rising higher and higher? When will they find a cure? Numbers are rising and the NHS, it seems, is at breaking point. Today, Prince Charles, opened the Nightingale hospital at the London Excel Centre, to aid Coronavirus patients. Numbers are rising quickly; two field hospitals have already been set up. I can’t bear to watch the news anymore. I limit myself to 15-20 minutes each day. Cyber socialising is the only way to talk to family. People aren’t able to mourn over their deceased friends and family. My Great Grandma in London is currently unwell and we cannot go visit her which is heart-breaking because we were planning on going to London in the Easter holidays. I dearly miss school meals. Even though I am not at school, I am still having a Pizza Day and a Fish Day. My dad is always at work and it feels like I hardly ever see him - I do miss him. 

Time of sign off: 18:59

Day 15  4.4.20 - the first day I forget to write something...

I’m actually writing this on Day 16 ( 5.4.20 ) because I forgot to write something. When you do something, on one day but you forget the next day, it’s really annoying. However, this isn’t one of those occasions - luckily. I watched a LOT of TV yesterday and did a fair bit of work. Overall, yesterday was a good day.

Time of sign off: 21:37

Day 16 5.4.20.                 

Cases: 47,806. Deaths: 4934. New deaths: 629

Now that we’re on the right day, I can explain the latest news. Her Majesty Elizabeth II today made a speech through video cam. Because I was doing my prayers at the time, I missed the live stream. Tomorrow, Monday, I will be ‘back at school’ in terms of work. When it comes to homework, right now I have a LOT of it. I have to translate a text from Arabic to English, learn a page of the Quran off by heart and complete a page of exercises - now that is a lot. I wonder what tomorrow’s (Maths Monday) task will be, whatever it is I hope it is, I hope it doesn’t take long to complete. Staying at home is actually really hard. It sounds pathetic that we can’t stay at home, but it actually is really challenging. How long will we have to endure these pains? Why can’t they find a cure? How do I write so much? When is it time to go sleep? 

Time of sign off: 21:37


Day 17 6.4.20.                 

Cases: 51,608. Deaths: 5373. New deaths: 439

My task today wasn’t that hard. I had to draw a diagram to show how many endangered species are left on the earth. Straight after, I did my Touch Typing for roughly 15 minutes - my daily average. Touch Typing is a good skill to learn but now that my lessons are becoming harder (and longer) It takes me more attempts to complete them and, because they are getting longer, one of my current lessons is probably equivalent to 2 of my first lessons. Something extremely worrying occurred today. Unfortunately, St Thomas Hospital today welcomed Boris Johnson into their care. And if THAT wasn’t an awful ordeal for Boris he has now been moved into the Intensive Care Unit. What will happen if this monster slays our PM? How will citizens go to the pole stations if they are under Lockdown? Luckily, Dominic Raab is temporarily in charge if any major issues arise. Now that is comforting. The fact that the PM is in hospital is really worrying. No one knows what will happen and what won’t  It’s really scary... 

Time of sign off: 21:37

Day 18 7.4.20.                 

Cases: 55,242. Deaths: 6159. New deaths: 786

China have not had any major rises in the amount of cases/deaths. It seems that they have been able to find light at the end of the troubling tunnel. Today is the 15th of Shabaan. Shabaan is the 8th Islamic month. On this day, Muslims believe that Allah decides who will live for the next year and who will die. Will this holy day bring a halt to the rising death toll? Or will the cases escalate higher - only God knows? Things must get better soon! If everything carries on, the NHS will fail and no one will be able to do anything. On the subject of failing things, our boiler is leaking. We had to turn it off because it was flooding the drawers underneath. How will we survive for 24 hours without warm water?

Time of sign off: 20:48

Day 19 8.4.20.                 

Cases: 60,733. Deaths: 7097. New deaths: 938

A letter came through today. It was from Boris Johnson. The main point of the letter was to urge the people of Britain to stay at home. It also contained a leaflet on how to wash your hands – but I can just watch my own video. My Great Grandma received this letter and she was really upset. The way in which she interpreted this letter, was that she (only) had been banned from going outside to do her daily exercises. I was heartbroken that I cannot comfort her or see her although she is only 2 doors away. Rishi Sunak, announced today that our PM is regaining strength and is now sitting up in bed. People are saying that the Government will review the Lockdown - I hope that the outcome is beneficial for us. Because I’ve stayed in the confinement’s of my home for nearly 3 weeks, I understand how this can cause a negative impact on people’s mental health. During these hard times, I appreciate the effort of my school teachers who have put immense effort inspiring, motivating and nurturing children in these hard times. 

Time of sign off: 19:47

Day 20: 9.4.20.                                                    

Cases: 65,077. Deaths: 7978. New Deaths: 881

I never thought that my diaries would be uploaded onto social media. My teacher, and head teacher, today rang my mum regarding my diary. Last night, my dad, in his limited, spare time, emailed my diary (up to day 17) to the school. Today, in the morning, my mum got a message from my awesome, teacher Mr Thorpe featuring kind words and praise about my writing. Shortly after, I got a call from Mr Urry who also congratulated me on my work. During our conversation, he mentioned posting my diaries daily onto a dedicated Facebook page - obviously I agreed. A lot of good things have come today (through God’s will) because Boris Johnson has come out of ICU. Baby TV, my brother’s new favourite TV show, is really bugging me. My favourite TV show wouldn’t load today and I was really annoyed because the main character (Ertugrul) was making a very crucial life or death situation - the whole world is going through one too. Will our pains end soon? Will we find peace? I hope so...

Time of sign off: 21:06

Day 21: 10.4.20.                                                  

Cases: 73,758. Deaths: 8958. New Deaths: 980

Friday - today marks three weeks of staying at home. What an achievement! Even in the six weeks’ holidays, I have never stayed at home for this long. The cases have steeped yet higher today. Almost 1,000 new patients have been greeted by death. Furthermore, roughly 9,000 people’s lives have perished. I think we’re going through the peak. Will we reach 100,000 cases? Will we be able to endure the tormenting pain of losing a loved one? Before today, I haven’t seen the army’s fight against the Coronavirus. Sky news, revealed an exclusive video showing the army loading supplies onto helicopters. Twelve helicopters are now on standby 24/7 to fly new patients to hospitals. Will this be a valuable asset? Will the NHS have enough troops to slay the virus? Will the NHS fall? 

Time of sign off: 22:26

Day 22: 11.4.20.                                                 

Cases: 78,991. Deaths: 9875. New Deaths: 917

The UK has the highest rising death toll in Europe according to sky news. If this is true, why? How are the deaths so rapidly rising? Who will invent a cure? A letter came today with my name on it - it was from the NHS. Because it had my name on it, and because I was allowed, I read the letter and found instructions and advice of how to fight the Coronavirus and urging me to stay at home because I am vulnerable. The weather right now is ideal to go to the park, but there is a lockdown. Like I said in a previous entry, things happen at the wrong time. I wasn’t given that much Arabic homework so I left it for today. Once I was done, I gave it to my dad to send to my teacher. For dinner, we ordered a takeout, followed by a very absorbing movie. 

Time of sign off: 19:32

Day 23: 12.4.20.                                                  

Cases: 84,279. Deaths: 10,612 New Deaths: 737

We have more cases than China. We have the highest rise in cases. What will we do? At least Boris Johnson has been discharged from the hospital. Catastrophe’s spreading faster than Corona. Allah! Please show us mercy and help us in any way possible. The weather doesn’t seem to see the graveness of the situation because it is sunny outside. It took China over 60 days to handle the problem and now they have managed to curve the long-suffering spread. Will we solve the problem in less than 60 days? Will we ever even recover from this battle? It seems that this pandemic will wipe out the lives of the older generation and cause uncertainty within the younger generation. I really want the lockdown to end so we can go back to our normal lives and not be in each other’s faces all day every day. 

Time of sign off: 22:09

Day 24: 13.4.20.                                                  

Cases: 88,621. Deaths: 11,329. New Deaths: 717

Ecuador, along with many other countries, have responded to the outbreak late and have apologised for their late fight. Before the pandemic, the Coronavirus was underestimated, and it seems that it still is being. Zoom is quickly growing popularity, so while most companies are making a loss, Zoom are making a killing. Another 4000 cases and 717 deaths have been announced today and it is worrying me that the UK, minuscule compared to China, have more cases then them. Everywhere I look, everywhere I turn there is the word Covid-19 - really disturbing and annoying. I hope that the Government’s measures will put a stop to all this, so history can remember us as the nation that successfully killed Corona. 

Time of sign off: 21:28

Day 25: 14.4.20.                                                  

Cases: 93,873. Deaths: 12,107. New deaths: 778

Twelve thousand deaths... People’s mental health is being affected... No one knows when it will end. Again God’s people are being tested and trialled. Surely God will ease our needs. Ramadan is a week away and I really feel for those frontline staff who may potentially be fasting whilst fighting - is that even possible? Turkey have provided significant support to the UK as they have sent over 1 million pieces of protective gear. Will this help? Will this strengthen the UK’s and Turkey’s alliance? Over the last 48 hours, care homes have been littered with cases and deaths. Will my generation even live to tell the tale?
I hope I survive...

Time of sign off: 20:41

Day 26: 15.4.20.                                                  

Cases: 98,476. Deaths: 12,868. New Deaths: 761

I have SO much homework to catch up on. For the past 2 days, for some reason, I haven’t been doing my daily missions and now I am 2 days behind. What will I do? Will I be able to catch up with it all? Tomorrow, the Government will announce how much longer the lockdown will be extended by. I hope it’s not too long. I feel like I need to get out of my house and have some me time. No important news has been released today and I don’t know what is happening. I feel (and see) that my diaries are shortening by the day and I think I will have to resort to watching more news... I really don’t want to resort to watching more news. So now I think I’ll start looking for a scoop.

Time of sign off: 22:43

Day 27: 16.4.20.


Cases: 108,692. Deaths: 14,576. New Deaths:847


Another Friday has come... The day of Jummah. The most blessed day of the week. The day with the most reward. This time next week, if the Coronavirus wasn’t around, I would be praying the Taraweeh prayer (a prayer read at night during Ramadan) in my local mosque but, of course, Covid came. Will the beginning of Ramadan bring an end to these hardships? Will we live in peace and solace once again? All we can do is hope and pray. For the past 2 weeks, I have been typing every day to achieve the 14 days’ streak badge on Typing Club - that was the complete opposite of easy. A cascade of pains and worries have flooded my mind and sleeping has become a mission - each day brings more pains.

Time of sign off: 22:57

Day 28: 17.4.20.


Cases: 108,692. Deaths: 14,576. New Deaths:847


No one (except from the frontline staff) knows what is going on behind the scenes, we haven’t seen the horrors within, we don’t see the effort that they put into saving innocent lives. All over the social media, NHS workers are begging for PPE (personal protective equipment) but, according to one of the Your tubers that I watch, all they got was a badge - not exactly PPE. People (including myself) are complaining about the lockdown, but, at the end of the day, we should be grateful we even have homes to take shelter in and food to eat, because there are less fortunate people out there who don’t have what we have. I hope things change soon so we can once again live a normal life - but only God can enhance changes. Night.

Time of sign off: 21:43

Day 29: 18.4.20.


Cases: 114,217. Deaths: 15,464. New Deaths:888


The word Coronavirus has probably been said more times than any other word in the English language. It’s only been a couple of months, and deaths, cases and tempers are rising. My great grandad’s childhood friend recently passed away due to lack of oxygen (not Covid-19) but because of the pandemic, Coronavirus patients were given more priority - Corona’s killed without contaminating. Whilst he is mourning, me, my Grandma and other family members cannot comfort him, support him or help him. For over 30 years, my Great Grandad has been a voluntary worker for Victim Support, but now, at his hardest times, there is no one there for him - I’m lucky to live with extended family.

Time of sign off: 20:39

Day 30: 19.4.20.


Cases: 120,067. Deaths:16,060. New Deaths:596.


Today, was the last day of term at my Arabic class. Because I have nothing to do, and because I enjoy them, I will be continuing my classes unlike my brother (Abu Sufjan) who is a quitter - I hope he doesn’t read this. After Arabic, everyone in my household, excluding my baby brother and one person to babysit him, headed outside for a barbecue. Whilst my dad set up the barbecue, me, my grandad and siblings cleaned my mum’s car as well as our garage. Keeping occupied during these dull times is vital, and, because of the amount of fun I was having with my family, I didn’t even think about the Coronavirus once! The smell of the lamb chops cooking on the barbecue increased my pangs of hunger - but it was worth the wait. Lamb chops, chicken wings, chicken fillet burgers and cheeseburgers on the table, we tucked into what was an extremely promising meal.

Time of sign off 21:46

Day 31: 20.4.20.


Cases: 124,743. Deaths: 16,509. New Deaths: 449.


Because my sister’s birthday is during Ramadan, we celebrated it today. My mom put in many hours of work into making 2 delicious cakes (a Victoria sponge and a rainbow cake) and the cake showed my mum’s excellent baking skills - or, as they say - the proof was in the pudding. It really didn’t feel like a party because there was only 6 of us. You can’t even celebrate someone’s birthday without receiving further upsetting news. Ibrahim (my little brother) had an injection today. Aside from a temperature, which was quite normal after an injection, he seemed perfectly fine. Well, he was during the day, but at night he cries his eyes out - for some reason I never hear him.

Time of sign off: 20:58

Day 32: 21.4.20.


Cases: 129,044. Deaths: 17,337. New Deaths: 828


When lockdown started, me and my family started watching the infamous Turkish TV show Kurulus Osman. Every episode ends with a cliff hanger and it really annoys me when I don’t know what will happen. Each episode is 2 and a half hours long, so we spend around 2-3 days on one episode. The UK hospital deaths have now risen to 17, 227, I really hope we don’t hit 20k. In reality, the numbers are there to keep us informed, but they do more than that. As well as raising our anxiety levels, they cause panic and fear to flood people’s minds. Recently my dad has been really busy, he is under the pressure of his new job, and his is working what seems to be endless hours. Even when he reaches home, he still has a dozen jobs to do - he gets constant phone calls, it’s like he’s a call centre.

Time of sign off: 18:38

Day 33: 22.4.20.


Cases: 133,495. Deaths: 18,100. New Deaths:763


Coronavirus has given people time to spend with their families, as well as taking away their loved ones - not a great combo. Now, because I’m always indoors, a bit of fresh air won’t do me any harm. Everyone in my house, today, went for a short walk around our local park (5 minutes from where we live and you are allowed out for 1 hour a day for exercise) to enjoy and appreciate the wonderful outdoors. 2 weeks ago, the cases were over half the amount that they are today. How many cases will we have in 2 weeks more time? My mind races with worry anticipating the weeks to come.

Time of sign off: 19:53

Day 34: 23.4.20.


Cases: 138,078. Deaths: 18,738. New Deaths: 638


Another day comes and goes in Lockdown Britain; every day is the same as the next. Board games have become ‘Bored games’ and everyone is sick and tired of each other - tomorrow, we will finally have a different day. Tomorrow, me and my family will be fasting from sunrise to sunset as Ramadan begins. Excitement builds up as we prepare to welcome this change. I am planning on reciting more prayers, and staying up at night to ask the Almighty for forgiveness. God willing, our pains will ease, and the skilled scientists will find a vaccine. Also, a vaccine was trailed today for the first time to fight against Covid-19 - unfortunately the tests weren’t successful.

Time of sign off: 21:15

Day 35: 24.4.20.


Cases: 143,464. Deaths: 19,506. New Deaths: 768.


I am exhausted - Ramadan has started. I had breakfast at 3am and dinner at 8:30pm. Whilst I experienced pangs during the day, I remembered less fortunate children my age who don’t have a lavish meal to look forward to. When the time came to break my fast, I was very grateful for the food I had. The chapattis which I have daily, suddenly tasted like melted gold, water nourished my body as the clock hit 8:31pm. Also, Donald J Trump’s sarcastic remark stating ‘Injecting disinfectant into Covid-19 patients may help’ - didn’t end well, causing a national uproar. 8 billion minds against one virus - which was, for a long time, underestimated. 19 and a half thousand deaths, 140,000 cases, and over 8 billion worried souls - when will this war end?

Time of sign off: 18:36

Day 36: 25.4.20.


Cases: 148,377. Deaths: 20,319. New Deaths: 813


Helplessness pulses through my veins as I pursue news reports - I feel useless. Today is Day 2 of Ramadan and I hope, by the end of Ramadan, everything will be back to normal. I feel bored. I feel hungry. I feel restless. This is not the first or the last time I will ask this question: ‘When will lockdown end?’. Iftar is in 2 hours’ time and I really don’t know what to do but to sit here and write. I can hear the clattering of pots and pans as my family prepare tonight’s meal. The smell of kebabs is following me, inviting me to eat them. Just by smelling them, I can almost taste the spicy goodness, running down my throat.

Time of sign off 20:43

Day 37: 26.4.20.


Cases: 152,840. Deaths: 20,732. New Deaths: 413.


The whole house was awake at 3am today. Initially, only me, and the adults in my house were waking up - well my brothers and sister decided to join us. Squinting around at my family, it looked like they were the sleeping dead. By the time we finish eating, cleaning up and praying, we were all wide awake. For our evening meal, we had steak and mash - my favourite. The rise in deaths, compared to yesterdays, has only risen by almost 400 - half the amount of yesterday’s. Is this the good news we have been waiting for?

Time of sign off: 19:55


Day 38: 28.4.20. 


Cases: 157,149. Deaths:25,302. New Deaths:909.


In the middle of this worrisome pandemic, another problem has arisen - the Kawasaki Disease. This demon is a condition that mainly affects children under the age of 5. Why are our problems growing instead of shrinking? Why is our world suffering because of all this? I don’t really wish to ponder on these thoughts as I might tire my self out and break my fast - the last thing I want to do. In the USA alone, over 1,000,000 people are struggling on the battlefield and 60,000 have become martyrs. The UK is miniscule compared to other countries, however, we have more cases than most countries - we have a higher infection rate.


Time of sign off:20:19


Day 39: 29.4.20. 


Cases:165,221. Deaths: 26,097. New Deaths: 795.


After a long day without food, I am grateful that I have a warm meal to eat. For me, Ramadan is a time to reflect and think about all the wonderful blessing I have been given which others don’t have. The PM had a child today - it was a boy. After all of his difficulties, and visiting the ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) the man deserves a bit of happiness. Will Johnson Jr one day be our PM? Whilst reading the news article regarding Boris, joy rushed through my body as it was not linked to Corona - a first in months.


Time of sign off: unknown


Day 40: 30.4.20. 


Cases:171,253. Deaths: 26,771. New Deaths: 674.


I finally saw the outside world once again. I finally sat in the car again... I haven’t been outside in ages. Imagine if lockdown was to carry on for another year - would we be able to survive?


Time of sign off: 08:45


Day 41: 1.4.20. Time of sign off:23:47


Cases: 177,454. Deaths: 27,510. New Deaths: 739.


What a day! I’m SOOOOOOO tired right now and I don’t know why I’m still awake. Loads of things have happened today. Joe Wicks ( the famous PE teacher ) has today been admitted to hospital with an infected hand. Personally, I think that the hospitals contain more germs than our homes due to the fact that ill people go there everyday. It has almost been 6 weeks that the nation has been in lockdown and people are really struggling - including me. It is in the human nature to socialise, not to sit alone in our homes, worrying.


Time of sign off:23:47


Day 42: 2.4.20. 


Cases:182,260. Deaths: 28,131. New Deaths: 621.


Spain’s lockdown has eased a little today. For the first time in 7 weeks, the fatigued citizens were allowed out of their houses for some fresh air and exercise. I think that, if the UK’s lockdown was to so suddenly come to an end, there may be another peak - except that it might be worse than the first. Today is day 9 of Ramadan, and ( for me ) it feels like each day is a week - but not for the rest of my family. The fasts aren’t that hard anymore, now that I have got used to it, and ( aside from a few aches ) I really don’t feel that bad.


Time of sign off:21:58


Day 43: 3.4.20. 


Cases: 186,599. Deaths: 28,446. New Deaths: 315.


After a week’s holiday, I attended my Arabic class. Because most of my class have left, I have been moved to my cousin’s class. His teacher is so very strict. I wonder when I will go back to school again and live a normal life. Will our world ever recover from this calamity? Will I live to see the day that the Lockdown is lifted? People say that you cannot die from boredom - I wonder what they would say now.


Time of sign off:17:26


 Day 44: 4.4.20. Time of sign off:14:12


Cases: 190,584. Deaths: 28,734. New Deaths: 288.


Ibrahim ( my baby bro ) has starting babbling a lot. Today, we had a very lengthy conversation, except that he only babbled. During lockdown, it is nice to see him nurture, grow and ( soon ) flourish. Slowly, the cases are rising and, I think, we will reach 200,000 cases. New Zealand, have announced that they have 0 cases. Out of 1 million people, only 20 died.


Day 45: 5.5.20. Time of sign off:16:28


Cases:194,990 Deaths:29,427 New Deaths: 568


Lockdown is starting to get to me. I don’t think that I am the only one who feels like this. Also, in the House of Parliament, Mat Hancock told a woman to ‘lower her tone’ after she complained about the lack of PPE in hospitals. I fully agree with her about this and I understand why she raised her tone. She will not be the last person to speak her mind against the Government. Why can’t the the Government do anything? Are they really short of PPE? If not, why aren’t they supplying any to the hospitals?


Day 46: 6.5.20. Time of sign off:22:19


Cases: 201,101. Deaths: 30,076. New Deaths: 649.


Over 200,000 cases. Over 30,000 deaths - the highest in Europe. When will all of this end? When can we carry on with life? 46 days in lockdown and it doesn’t look like it is ending soon. The magic of food has managed to take my mind off these things during my meals. Today, I had a superb Chicken Nimbali, and I thoroughly enjoyed it - everything is hard to enjoy during this depressing time.


Day 47:7.5.20. Time of sign off:20:15


Cases: 206,715. Deaths: 30,615. New Deaths: 539.


People say that we have passed the peak, others say we are still peaking. Everyone was getting excited, thinking lockdown would be eased. If only that was the case. I am of the opinion that the peak has not ended. If it had, then why have we got the most cases in the UK? Why are the cases rising? Soon, with God’s will, we still slowly go back into normality. I hope the generations to come do not have to go through what we are.


Day 48: 8.5.20. VE Day Time of sign off 22:22


Cases: 211,364 Deaths: 31,141 New Deaths: 626


Happy VE Day! 75 years ago,today, the notorious Nazis surrendered to the Allied forces. VE Day is a European celebration marking the end of WW2. Today is a good day to forget all about the bitter, gloomy times we are going through and thank the heroic veterans who served our country all those years ago. Also, we are now roughly half way through Ramadan meaning that there isn’t long left until Eid - a huge celebration. For my night meal today, I had a chicken burger and chips.


Day 49: 9.5.20. Time of sign off 19:44


Cases: 215,260 Deaths:31,587 New Deaths: 346


With so much time on my hands, I have been looking for ways to occupy myself - I think I’ve found one that I will enjoy. Because most of my school projects this week have been very creative, I have been doing a lot of drawings, and I think, with a bit of practice I could get better. Even though being at home isn’t fun, it is a necessary measure to contain ‘the beast’. Bojo ( Boris Johnson ) will tomorrow announce whether on not lockdown will be eased. If it is, will there be another peak? Will there still be social-distancing? Will everything go back to normal?

Day 50: 10.5.20. Time of sign off:19:45

Cases: Deaths: New Deaths:

The lockdown will be eased soon! We will be allowed outside for endless shout soon. Soon, things will change. In a speech that the PM held today, he announced that from Wednesday, the lockdown would be eased. People will be allowed to go for walks for as long as they like. Also, a proposal has been put through for reception classes and Years 1 and 6 to reopen in June. This is really exciting news that the Government are even considering the reopening of schools. However, Boris Johnson has replaced the ‘Stay at home,Protect the NHS, Save lives slogan with ‘Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save lives. This new slogan has got many different interpretations from different people.

Day 51: 11.5.20. Time of sign off:20:51

Cases: Deaths: New Deaths:

Like I said yesterday, the new slogan has been interpreted in many different ways. Along with that, Boris Johnson’s speech is also being mocked. Matt Lucas ( an actor ) released a video ‘summing up’ Boris Johnson’s words. Are things getting better or worse? I really don’t know the answer to this question, but if anyone does please can you enlighten me...

Day 52: 12.5.20. Time of sign off:23:18

Cases: Deaths: New Deaths:

Coronavirus has hit me and my family hard. Normally, every year, we go on a holiday - but this year we won’t be. The chances of us going are very slim. There is only 10 days left of Ramadan and the excitement is building up on the countdown to Eid. Will it feel like Eid this year? Will we enjoy family meals or have a solitary lunch?

Day 53: 13.5.20. Time of sign off:14:29

Cases: Deaths: New Deaths:

Simple things often have a vast amount of difficulties linked to it. for example opening Reception and Year 1 classes - a bad idea. After a minute of thinking about going back to school, it struck me. How are you meant to tell a 5 year old that they’ve got to stay 2 meters away from their friends. However, opening Year 6 or 5 makes more sense because they understand why they have got to social distance. After pondering on this subject for another 10 minute, I decided to check my clock and I realized it was 20:30 - 30 minutes until I could open my fast.

Day 54: 14.5.20. Time of sign off:18:36

Cases: Deaths: New Deaths:

Everything in life ever since lockdown has been a bit tedious. For the last couple of weeks, this diary, eating, sleeping and even walking doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t know what I want and don’t want to do. Despite life feeling dull, everyday my family ask each other - what will we have for Iftar? A really difficult decision has to be made everyday about what we are going to have. To complicate matters, because there are so many of us, we all like different things... Mr Thorpe, my teacher rang me today, and said some very wise words. He said, ‘ A lot can happen between now and June. A superstition is going round on social-media, that Bojo is keen on easing lockdown at the beginning of June, because it’s his birthday is on the 16 of June. Now that people have so much time, they are at home searching rubbish like this.

Day 55: 15.5.20. Time of sign off:21:00

Cases: Deaths: New Deaths:

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘You can replace an object, but you can’t replace a person’? The person that came up with that is very clever. To us, something you cannot replace must be priceless, so it is so upsetting that the elderly generations’ life isn’t as important as mine or any other young people. When you see the number of deaths on the television, you never think ‘that is ——— jewels we have lost. I sometimes feel that I over think certain matters, but I think on other matters I under think.

Day 56: 16.5.20. Time of sign off:14:12:19

Cases: Deaths: New Deaths:

I don’t know if I have already said this, but, because of the death toll curving,