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Journey Makers starts back for Key Stage 2 children of St Stephen's Primary School on zoom at 3.30pm on Tuesday 22nd September.

The team will be safely doorstep visiting those who have already attended on Friday 18th.

If you would like to know more or think your child would like to attend, please get in touch with us at this email address 
A consent form will still be required to attend virtually.

Good News - Wider Re-opening of School
Due to the low uptake of school provision, from Monday 6th July we are re-opening school for up to 12 children per class.
Your child's teacher will be in touch before then to ask if you would like your child to come in to school for those weeks.
Please watch Mr Urry's video to find out more.

We are proud to be working with the amazing Born in Bradford team on raising awareness of air pollution and its impact of our health in Bradford.

Read the T&A Article

Our school GoFundMe page

Have a look at our new classrooms... we've been busy!

Mutating Mansion Lockdown Competition!

We are pleased to announce that one of our pupils was a runner up with one of her entries for the Mutating Mansion competition. Author Luke Temple will be visiting St Stephen's School to celebrate Inayah's entries for the competition.
The competition details were included in school home learning packs. 
"Inayah spent a whole week preparing her entries for the competition in May. We are very happy on hearing the news and Inayah is overwhelmed as he is one of her favourite authors."

Mr Urry has made a video explaining the next steps for children to return to school during June and July.

Message from Mr Urry about keeping your children safe returning to school.

St Stephen's were on the news last night.

Read along with Mr Urry - Room On The Broom

Read along with Mr Urry - Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

Written by Miss Byrne

Pupil Inayah Shah has been writing a diary during lock down, please read her blog here.

Creative Writing Competition!
If you wish to enter please email your entries to with the subject of Mind Travels Competition. Please include your child's first name and class.

Capita-Reading Cloud Competition


As a home learning task, children were encouraged to keep a diary of their time during the unprecedented Corona virus lockdown. Mr Thorpe, Abu-Hurairah’s teacher showed children the diary of Anne Frank, and explained who she was and why her book was so important and poignant, especially at this time.

Children learnt how we can learn so much about certain times in history from diaries such as these, and it was discussed how amazing it would be if in fifty years time, a diary written by a child in our class would be used for other children to learn about Covid-19 from.

Please read his blog here.

Year 6 Computing - Special Effects

Children have been appearing in their own special effects movies!  The project worked on building skills throughout the term, beginning with learning how to import video files, layering and timing video clips on the timeline, to then editing a variety of 'green screen' footage like professionals using Chroma Key!  Children went on to act and film their own masterpieces and most children made titles, credits and even added audio.

Wash your hands!

Children have come up with creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing – the best way to keep yourself and others safe from coronavirus.  Stay safe everyone!

Year 5 Voice Actors

3 strong performers from our Year 5 children have been training as voice actors and recording (very raw) short stories/excerpts from books. It’s all with a view to releasing radio plays/podcasts for other pupils in school. Later we will be hopefully collaborating with musicians to do more ambitious work. We have been playing around with voice and character as well as radio acting techniques. Hope the recordings give a flavour of what the kids have been up to. 

Zoo Lab Visit

The children in Nursery had a visit from Zoo Lab. They enjoyed looking and touching the different mini beasts. 

Sycamore Environment Groups

Children across Key Stage 2 have started to grow vegetables in class. We have been learning lots of interesting facts about the different types of plants that we are growing. These will be transplanted into our new raised beds later on in the year. look out for more updates over the next few months.

50 Things to do before you're 5

This week Weavers went on a mini-beast hunt to Bowling park . We found lots of interesting creatures. Later on we played with bubbles.

A big thank you to all the parents that came to help and made this event possible. 

Sport Relief

Supporting the vulnerable and less fortunate people in society is the responsibility of all. At St Stephens, we have been working hard to raise money for sport relief that will help many children, young people and adults. Billy Bantam, the Bradford City mascot, came to be part of our day and we challenged him to a penalty shoot out. Every child in our school took penalties against him with enthusiasm, athleticism and precision. It’s been a fantastic day and we are all proud with our achievement and are looking forward to finding out how much we have raised.

Existing, endangered, extinct!

Year 6 welcomed lots of amazing creatures in to our classroom this week to celebrate our Entry Point for our new topic 'Existing, endangered, extinct!' We all had lots of fun handling and learning about geckos, salamanders, skinks, chickens, chinchillas, armadillos, frogs, snakes and giant stick insects.

World Book Day
The whole school studied the book Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton. 
They came up with their own characters, did lots of art work, videos, created their own version of the story.

Year 4 Computing

We have been learning about 3D modelling and how to navigate in a 3D environment.  Children have learned about faces, sides, nodes, nets, texturing and character design.  Over the term we have used 3 different software programs and have created 2 final models; one made from card, the other from eco plastic using a 3D printer.

10 Pieces

This week St Stephen’s has focussed on music.  We have taken part in the BBC Ten Pieces, which are a set of classical music pieces by famous composers which aim to open up the world of classical music to children.


This topic has been enjoyed by all and here’s a snippet of what took place.

50 Things to do before you're 5

50 things starts this Monday, in Weavers. If your child is going they will have received a letter about it. Please remember to dress your child in appropriate clothing for a visit to the park. This trip is aimed at children and their parents. All parents are encouraged to stay and spend the session with their child. This event will only be able to proceed with the support of parents. Please download the app using this link.!/whats-it-all-about


Come along and have some fun.

50 Things to Do!

A great end to six fantastic weeks of fun. The sun came out and shone down on McMillan and Salt class at Ogden Water on Thursday.

In total 240 children have climbed up to Ovenden Moor. That equates to 720 miles walked or 10 times the length of Hadrian's Wall. We have also fed 20kgs of seeds to the ducks.

Pancake Day!

The children in Nursery enjoyed Shrove Tuesday eating pancakes and flipping them in the air.

50 Things to do!

The snow didn't deter year 4 this week. We still managed to get out and explore the woods. We tracked some interesting foot prints; built a snowman and we even managed to bring it back to class - don't tell Mrs Borcherd!

Special Places

As part of our topic on Special places, Reception enjoyed visiting St Stephen's Church to look at its unique features.