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School councilors are available most playtime and lunchtimes. If you have any ideas or problems, why not speak to them? They meet every Friday, where they can discuss any issues raised.

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School Council Meeting 11th October 2019 




Members present: Noori, Elijah, Yahyaa, Areez, David, Logain, Muzammil, Julia, Zara and Leo


Friday was the second meeting of the school council. We decided to choose five different projects to work on.

  • New football nets for year 3 playground
  • Review the current MUGA rota (which children are using it?)
  • Do we need new Playground equipment?
  • Could we look at a fairer way to use the ICT room?
  • Is there a way to make the door from the hall to Cartwright Class sound proof?


Everyone was assigned jobs to do. At the next meeting we will report our findings.



Next meeting to be held on 18th October at 12.30 in the Orchards.



By David Yr 4

School Council Members meeting Phil from Chartwell's

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