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Guardian book prize

2016    Alex Wheatle  Crongton Knights        

2015    David Almond A Song for Ella Grey    

2014    Piers Torday    The Dark Wild

2013    Rebecca Stead Liar & Spy

2012    Frank Cottrell Boyce   The Unforgotten Coat

2011    Andy Mulligan Return To Ribblestrop

2010    Michelle Paver            Ghost Hunter  

2009    Mal Peet         Exposure         

2008    Patrick Ness    The Knife of Never Letting Go

2007    Jenny Valentine          Finding Violet Park      

2006    Philip Reeve    A Darkling Plain

2005    Kate Thompson           The New Policeman    

2004    Meg Rosoff     How I Live Now           

2003    Mark Haddon  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time    

2002    Sonya Hartnett           Thursday's Child          

2001    Kevin Crossley-Holland           The Seeing Stone        

2000    Jacqueline Wilson       The Illustrated Mum   

1999    Susan Price      The Sterkarm Handshake       

1998    Henrietta Branford     Fire, Bed and Bone     

1997    Melvin Burgess           Junk     

1996    Philip Pullman Northern Lights 

(US title, The Golden Compass)          

1996    Alison Prince   The Sherwood Hero    

1995    Lesley Howarth           MapHead        

1994    Sylvia Waugh  The Mennyms

1993    William Mayne            Low Tide         

1992    Rachel Anderson         Paper Faces     

1992    Hilary McKay   The Exiles        

1991    Robert Westall            The Kingdom by the Sea         

1990    Anne Fine        Goggle-Eyes    

1989    Geraldine McCaughrean         A Pack of Lies  

1988    Ruth Thomas   The Runaways

1987    James Aldridge            The True Story of Spit MacPhee         

1986    Ann Pilling       Henry's Leg     

1985    Ted Hughes     What is the Truth        

1984    Dick King-Smith           The Sheep-Pig 

(US title, Babe, the Gallant Pig)          

1983    Anita Desai      The Village by the Sea

1982    Michelle Magorian     Goodnight Mr Tom     

1981    Peter Carter    The Sentinels  

1980    Ann Schlee      The Vandal      

1979    Andrew Davies            Conrad's War  

1978    Diana Wynne Jones    Charmed Life  

1977    Peter Dickinson           The Blue Hawk            

1976    Nina Bawden  The Peppermint Pig    

1975    Winifred Cawley         Gran at Coalgate         

1974    Barbara Willard           The Iron Lily    

1973    Richard Adams            Watership Down

1972    Gillian Avery    A Likely Lad     

1971    John Christopher        The Guardians

1970    K. M. Peyton   The Flambards trilogy (1967–1969)

1969    Joan Aiken       The Whispering Mountain

1968    Alan Garner     The Owl Service          

1967    Leon Garfield  Devil-in-the-Fog