Admission Arrangements

All children in Bradford are admitted into the EYFS (Reception) Class in the academic year in which they are five.  All children begin school in September.

In the November before your child starts school,  an online Common Application Form (CAF) will be available from Bradford Council.  This form gives you the opportunity to name five schools you would like your child to attend, in preference order. Further information may be found by following the link below:


St. Stephen’s CE Primary School admissions and appeals are managed by Bradford Council.

If you would like to register your child for admission into St. Stephen’s CE Primary School, please contact Bradford Council Admissions Team on 01274 439200, or, email 

Alternatively, you can download an in-year application form from here. (See opposite)

St. Stephen’s CE Primary School has an admission limit of 60 and all applications for admissions are dealt with by the school in conjunction with the Local Authority Admissions Team.  If there are more than 60 requests for places then the over subscription criteria in our Admissions Policy is applied to all applications. Please see our admissions policy.

Those wishing to apply for a place in our 3 year old nursery can do so by contacting the school offices or downloading an application form here. (See opposite)



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If you require a hard copy of a document, you may request a free copy at the office