Week 3

1) Spring has finally started to show itself in the forest. Daffodils are blooming and leaf-buds are starting to sprout on the trees.

This week session took us out of Home farm Woods and into Judy Woods. Here we found some amazing dens, these made an ideal place to set up camp and have lunch.

2)  After lunch we made bracelets to remind us of the woods and the fun we were having. --------------


3)  Then it was time for the serious stuff! Tree identification. Using a map, the children worked their way around the woods to different locations, this was hard work but very rewarding.

The children learned about Ash trees, Beech trees and Oak trees. This was more impressive due to the trees having no leaves.

This is an ash tree branch without any leaves. Notice how black and charred the end looks.

4)  With not much time left we played on a swing the children had found. Then it was time to go home. The children asked if they could make their own rope swing at Home Farm if the weather was good enough. “We’ll see”, said Mr Calcraft.


See if you can find any Ash trees in the Sycamore playground.