Year 5 Curriculum

year 5
year 5

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Artist Sian Hodson worked with year 5 on their South America topic. The children looked at traditional pots and learnt how they were made using a pinch or coil pot method. 

The children used both these traditional techniques to make their pots from clay, applying details such as feet, handles, or patterns. Once dry they painted them using earthy colours and patterns inspired by the images of the traditional pots they had seen. 
Some of the symbols and animal references had special meanings to the south Americans.


This term Year 5 have been learning to develop games using Scratch.  Their task was to create and code a maze game with multiple levels.   The game below was created by Aaliyah.


Year 5 have been learning how to use SketchUp.  This software is for creating 3D computer generated images.  The children have worked through video tutorials to make their own house and room interiors.

They had to learn how to navigate in a 3D world using the pan and orbit functions. They learnt how to create 2D shapes and change them into 3D using the push/pull tool.  Throughout the lessons they explored using other tools such as: scale, offset, move, line and paint bucket to name a few.

Children also experimented with scenes and creating camera pans of their houses.