Year 3 Curriculum

year 3
year 3

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Trip to Haworth

Day One

We left school at around 9:30am, and we were all very excited! We arrived at Funopolis in Shipley at around 10:00am. We played on the slides, in the ball pools and even in the football court at Funopolis – Mr. Thorpe even ripped his trousers going down the slide!

After leaving Funopolis, we travelled to the youth hostel in Haworth and arrived at about 12:30am. We had a picnic in the sunshine at the hostel, and then we went to our bedrooms with our friends. We were given some time to sort out our bedrooms and to make ourselves at home. Later on in the afternoon, we walked in to Haworth, again in the lovely sunshine, and looked around the shops. We found a very nice sweet shop where some of us spent some of our money. On the way back to the youth hostel, we stopped in the park and played on the swings, slides and climbing frame.

Once we were back at the youth hostel, we had our tea, which was delicious, and then went to play in the youth hostel’s field. We played football, cricket and rounders. Some people even created new hairstyles for Mrs. Stega Jones and Miss Scarfe.

Day Two

We woke up at around 7:00am and went downstairs for our breakfast. After breakfast, we went and collected our packed lunches and set off on our big walk to Bronte Falls. We went through a very spooky graveyard, and saw beautiful horses and sheep. We walked for a very long time, but eventually we arrived at the amazing Bronte Falls. As soon as we got there, we all sat down on the grass and ate our picnic – we were all very hungry! After our dinner, we paddled our feet in the stream to cool ourselves down before setting off back to Haworth. It was very hot, so we had to keep stopping for breaks and drinks!

Once we were back in Haworth, we had another look around the shops, and some people even bought an ice cream! On the way back, we had a quick play in the park, before heading back to the hostel. At the hostel, we had a wash and freshened ourselves up before we went downstairs for tea – which again was delicious!

In the evening, we again went outside to play in the field at the hostel, and some of us did some art work of the hostel and the beautiful surroundings in Haworth.

We were all very tired after our long walk, and we all fell asleep very quickly – and did not wake up until the morning!

Day three

After a great night’s sleep, we woke up and went down to breakfast. After breakfast we had to take all the sheets of our beds and put them in to the dirty washing pile for the hostel staff to collect and clean. We then collected our packed lunches and walked in to Haworth village centre. Here, we went in to a place called Cobbles and Clay. This was a very exciting place. We were each given a choice of what kind of pottery we would like to decorate. Once we had chosen, we were given lots of different paints and painting tools to use, and were allowed to design our pottery in any way that we wanted! Some of our finished designs were beautiful! After we had finished and had eaten a snack and had a drink, we walked back in to Haworth village centre for a look at the amazingly old buildings and churches, and at the old school and house where the Bronte sisters used to go to school and live. After this, we walked back in to the park to eat our lunch underneath the bandstand as it had begun to rain very slightly. This quickly stopped, so we managed to convince Mr. Thorpe that we could have one last play on the park before we were picked up to go home.

Eventually, we walked back up to the car park to be picked up to go home. We were all very excited to go home and see our parents and families, but we were also very sad to be leaving Haworth.